Judge Executive says Job Corps is Exactly What employers Need

Adam O’Nan is a judge executive in Union County, Kentucky and recently stopped by MTC’s Earle C. Clements Job Corps Academy to share his feelings about the Job Corps program.

“Job Corps has been a staple in our area for many years, for training young individuals. We have seen people trained at the Jobs Corps, come out into our local community and do very well.”

O’Nan talked about the need for skilled welders in Union County and surrounding areas. Speaking of one particular employer, O’Nan said whenever there’s a need for a welder, that employer immediately goes to Job Corps.

“He starts looking for welders at the Earle C. Clements center because they are so very well trained with such great equipment. And they have been wildly successful in his company.”

O’Nan continued, “So, I’m excited for the future of Job Corps. I’m excited for the future partnership that Union County can have, and for all of the jobs that we can have in Union County, Job Corps is going to be a key part to fill that puzzle.”