Habitat for Humanity director says it’s hard to find contractors with the skills of Job Corps students

Habitat for Humanity director says it’s hard to find contractors with the skills of Job Corps students

“Habitat for Humanity of Henderson, Kentucky has worked with many volunteer groups over the years but none have been as well trained and professional as Earle C. Clements Job Corps,” says Executive Director Britney Smith.

Tile setting instructor Robert Guenthner says these types of service projects give students the experience they need to prepare for their future careers.

“Students get real world experience and the opportunity apply their skills to the job site. You can only do so much in the shop on center. Plus, they meet contractors on these job sites where they can practice their communication skills and network for job opportunities. And, it’s great for their resume.”

The concrete and flooring classes recently laid tile in four homes and is laying a laminate floor in the fifth house.

“The flooring work that is done by this group of young volunteers is awesome. The flooring is always laid correctly, and our waste cost is very low. I would estimate that with each flooring job that Job Corps has performed for Henderson Habitat, we have been able to save over $6,500 total in labor. And, the work they do is beautiful. It is hard to find contractors who do tiling for a living whose work measures up to Job Corps students tile work.” Said Britney.

Concrete and flooring students have also begun to pour the sidewalks and small concrete pads. The last project the class helped with was unique as the Habitat family put their hands in the concrete as it was drying to cement their love of their new home.

The pouring of the sidewalks and small concrete pads has saved Habitat for Humanity more than $3,000.

“Henderson Habitat,” says Habitat volunteer Kassie Quinn, “would not be able to help as many families as we have these last three years had Earl C. Clements Job Corps not stepped up and helped with its construction labor donation.” 

The center’s advanced truck driving program also got into the action. The students help transport items to Henderson Habitat’s new Re-store.

Britney emphasizes, “The cost savings added up to about $240 in rental trucks cost and approximately $2,600 in labor costs—not to mention the Job Corps students were a joy to work with.”