MTC & Service Area Overviews

MTC Overview

Job Corps Overview

Corrections Overview

CRC Overview

Detention Overview

MTC Medical Overview

International Development Overview


Job Corps Center Overviews

Atterbury/IndyPendence Job Corps Centers (IN)

Carville Job Corps Center (LA)

Centennial Job Corps Center

Charleston Job Corps Center

Clearfield Job Corps Center (UT)

Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center (KY)

Edison Job Corps Center (NJ)

Hawaii/Maui Job Corps Center (HI)

Los Angeles Job Corps Center (CA)

San Diego Job Corps Center (CA)

Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center (NV)

St. Louis Job Corps Center (MO)

Tongue Point Job Corps Center


Subcontracted Centers

Flint Hills Job Corps Center (KS)

Joliet Job Corps Center (IL)

New Haven Job Corps Center

New Orleans Job Corps Center

Tulsa Job Corps Center


Job Corps Congressional Outreach

Job Corps Contacts


Correctional Facility Overviews

Bay Correctional Facility (FL)

Billy Moore Correctional Center (TX)

Bradshaw State Jail (TX)

Bridgeport Correctional Center (TX)

East Mississippi Correctional Facility (MS)

East Texas Treatment Facility (TX)

Gadsden Correctional Facility (FL)

Giles W. Dalby Correctional Facility

Graceville Correctional Facility (FL)

Gregory S. Coleman Unit (TX)

Kyle Correctional Center (TX)

Lindsey State Jail (TX)

North Central Correctional Complex (OH)

Otero County Prison Facility (NM)

Treatment Program Contracts Overview (TX)

Wilkinson County Correctional Facility (MS)

Willacy County State Jail


Corrections Congressional Outreach

Corrections/Detention Contacts


Community Release and Other Rehabilitation Programs

HOPE Transitional Treatment Center

Lives Transformed North Dakota

Miami North Community Release Center

Panama City Community Release Center


Immigrant Processing Center Overviews

Bluebonnet Detention Center (TX)

El Valle Detention Facility (TX)

IAH Detention Center (TX)

Imperial Regional Detention Facility (CA)

Otero County Processing Center (NM)


Willacy Outreach

Agency Analysis

US Marshals Analysis

OIG Report on US Marshals


Appropriations Strategy

Amendment Language

House CJS Report Language

US Marshals Bill and Report Language


Congressional Support Letters

Congressman Peters Letter

Congressman Vela Letter

Senator Cornyn Letter

Senator Cornyn et al. letter

Senators Shaheen/Moran Letter


Federal Judges Support

Chief Judge Lee H. Rosenthal


MTC-Developed Support Materials

The Need for Expert Support at Willacy County Regional Detention Facility

US Marshals Relies on Contractors to Provide Vital Detention Services

Willacy County Regional Detention Facility Meets Key Needs for USMS Detainees


Union Support Letters

Machinists Union Letter May 19, 2021

Machinists Union Letter August 17, 2021

Federal Contract Guards of America Letter


Willacy County Support

Judge Aurelio Guerra Jr. Letter

Willacy County Resolution