A Hawaii Job Corps Graduate Now Manages Other Graduates

Taffany Nqiraibab is a proud Hawaii Job Corps graduate. She says Job Corps graduates, like herself, are a great resource for businesses who need talented and trained culinary employees. She wants the world to know about this wonderful training program. Here’s her story:

“Hi my name is Taffany Ngiraibab. I’m the executive sous chef for Beach Bums Bar & Grill here in Malalia, Hawaii. I’m actually a Job Corps Graduate. I graduated [in] 2013. I’ve been working here about five or six years…I employ about 19 people in the kitchen. I manage them. And, I make sure they do their job…I recommend other restaurants here in Maui to partner up with Job Corps. The Students graduate with skills and they are dependable. I have four students who graduated and have been here for about 5 years. They are good workers. They have the will to learn and it’s just a big help in the kitchen…I recommend Job Corps partner up with other restaurants, because they help a lot. And, we all need people.”