Big Screen Actor to Support Turner Job Corps Students in their Quest for Success

The Christian box office movie Courageous surprised critics earning nearly five times its budget in the opening weekend alone. One of the actors, Ken Bevel, recently spoke to students at MTC’s Turner Job Corps Center in Albany, Georgia.

“The character that I portrayed in the movie was a police officer,” says Ken. “And during my time as that police officer, my daughter in the movie wanted to date a young man.”

In the movie, Ken’s character explained to the young man that his daughter was too young to date and that he needed to get to know anyone who wanted to date her. The young man left in frustration.

“I think one of the students asked the question, why was I so hard on the young man,” adds Ken…”As I kind of answered the question, I asked the students and said, ‘Do you have a sister? Do you have a sister? Do you have a sister? And each of them said, ‘Yes.’ And I asked, ‘Well, would you allow your sister to go out with someone and not just feel any kind of protection for them?’ And he said, ‘No. I wouldn’t. I would be very protective.’”

Ken, who also starred in the movie Fireproof, had a great exchange with the students and developed a love for Job Corps’ mission.

“I’ve been just on the phone this morning, kind of talking about future plans with Job Corps and talking about the opportunities that we have.”

Ken understands the challenging backgrounds of some of these Turner Job Corps students and wants to be a part of their success.

“They have dreams. They have aspirations just like any other young person. And so, my responsibility is to help come alongside Job Corps and see how I can help. If I can talk, mentor, teach, train any one of those kids to help them get through this program either academically or personally—I’m willing to do that.”