Business Leader Talks about Partnership with Maui Job Corps

At this ACE Hardware story in Hawaii, Job Corps students learn the ins and outs of customer service and retail operations. Store Manager Manasseh Robidoux greatly values the Job Corps program.

“My involvement at this level opened my eyes to what Job Corps does in the lives of young adults—arming them to enter the work world with strengths and knowledge they wouldn’t otherwise have, not to mention certifications recognized by most businesses.”

About five years ago, MTC’s Maui Job Corps Center asked Manasseh to represent the retail industry on the center’s workforce council.

“For me, it quickly became an interest in helping these young adults to gain the skills and knowledge.”

So, students do internships here or what Job Corps calls work-based learning, WBL. And that has led to employment.

“We’ve had many great experiences with WBL students throughout the years. We’ve actually had the pleasure of hiring several of the Job Corps graduates.”

Manasseh says Job Corps is just what many young people need in their lives. And it turns out the program was exactly what he needed.

“Personally, being partnered with Job Corps has given me the venue to help people on the level that I’ve wanted to for most of my life. And together, we not only impact their present lives, but their futures as well.”