First Job Corps Center in the Country to Pilot Cutting-Edge Coding Program

First Job Corps Center in the Country to Pilot Cutting-Edge Coding Program

“You have to train your mind to think like a computer before you can code,” explained NCLab Chief Commercial Officer Vas Kmyshanov to the office administration class at Sierra Nevada Job Corps, “and to do that, to re-wire your brain for coding, you have to play some special computer games.”

The whole class was busy working on NCLab’s groundbreaking KAREL and PYTHON coding curriculum, which uses games and mazes to encourage computational thinking, logic, critical thinking, and programming fundamentals to future coders.

According to Sierra Nevada Job Corps office administration instructor Connie Swain,

“We’re pioneers here. It’s really a pilot program on our center. We’re the first Job Corps center in the entire country to use these courses, and my students have really taken a shine to using segments of code to solve the puzzles. Not only does it build their skills in computer coding, but it gives them additional support in problem-solving skills. I would love to see coding become a permanent part of the business training, so students can continue on to advanced training in coding at Truckee Meadows Community College.”  

NCL Account Manager Jen Grossman originally brought the coding courses to the Sierra Nevada Job Corps center,  and she is very pleased with the results, so far.

“We track several hundred schools and 30,000 students across the country who use NCL learning programs. Employers want to know about the high achievers for future possible employment. Sierra Nevada is way ahead of the curve. I am so impressed with the Job Corps business students and even more impressed with Liam.”    

19-year old student Liam Kelly has already finished KAREL and most of PYTHON. He even built a functioning drone in a the 3-D modeling course also offered at the center. Liam loves it:

“I really want to be a coder, and I’m going on to college after Job Corps to become just that.”