Homeless for a year…Employed for More Than Five Years Thanks to Job Corps

Video Shot Before COVID-19 Pandemic


Another busy day at this Midas shop in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“Our procedures are really important here, and he seems to follow the procedures. And I don’t have to look over my shoulder at him. He’s always been a really good worker for us.”

Lead Technician Cody Willis is talking about employee Khari Rawlings, who’s been a valuable asset to the local repair shop. Khari’s knowledge in automotive and customer service skills go a long way.

“I like to see customers happy,” says Khari. “And I like to leave them satisfied.”

Khari works hard. He’s grateful for the second chance he got at Cincinnati Job Corps where he graduated in 2015. Before Job Corps…

“I was homeless for about a year. It was really rough. Nowhere to go; no food. And Job Corps was like a home to me.”

Khari completed the automotive program Cincinnati Job Corps and was off to work.

“I paid attention and I learned a lot,” he says. “I feel like they gave me a kickstart. Job Corps works.”