A Job Corps Education, an internship, and this young man is climbing to new heights

For Gary Job Corps graduate Matthew Almendarez, excellent training and an internship opportunity with the City of San Marcos, TX was all he needed to launch a new career.

“Well I did the internship,” Matthew says, “then all of a sudden I got hired. They gave me an interview, they said I was doing well at the job, and they asked lots of questions.”

And before he knew it, Matthew was working for the City of San Marcos. He had just graduated from the Gary center after completing the electrical and advanced lineman programs. Because of what he learned working as an intern with the City of San Marcos—he’s a firm believer in the importance of work-based learning.


“It’s nice getting a chance to [job] shadow and stuff.  I really like it. I appreciate the opportunity to have the job and even to be here at Gary; to say that I made it out, and to say I got a good job.”

Matthew says his next step is to become a journeyman linesman. He credits Job Corps for helping him get started.

“Not really having…goals. I didn’t really have a base of what I wanted to do. And it really gave me that. It really gave me solid ground to be on. My parents are really happy about me being out here. They think it’s a great opportunity for me to start a life for myself. And they’re really proud of me.”