Job Corps Students Explain Why “They’re Worth it” – Part II

Job Corps students from MTC centers explain why they are worth the investment.

“They put a lot of time into you. They listen to you. Everything they say, it’s worth it.”




“I’m worth it because I believe that the investment on the opportunities that I will be able to get will not just help me but also benefit Job Corps, benefit the world. Because I believe that with this opportunity I will be able to do something that will make a difference, that will actually give back.”



“The trades that they give are great. They help you get, and the people here help you get good jobs.”




“I gave up a lot of things to come here, and I want my future to be the absolute best. I used to be content with little things, grunt work, comfortable misery is what I called, but these days I’m not settling for that anymore. I want to go and be better, be bigger.”



“Now that I came here everything is completely different because I’m more focused on my life.”




“I’m worth it because with the skills Job Corps has provided me in my automotive field. At 17 years old I have a GED, and I feel like I can take on any challenge because of the skills that Job Corps has provided.”