Job Corps Students Explain Why “They’re Worth it” – Part III

Job Corps students from MTC centers explain why they are worth the investment.

“You come in here and there’s a lot of discipline, and [it’s] set up for you to be successful in the future.”




“I’m worth it because the money that is invested in me, the certifications and the training that’s given to me, I’m going to use to give back to my community and use my skills and everything I’ve learned to better myself. This opportunity has made me more motivated to succeed and exceed my expectations of what I thought that I can do.”



“I believe I’m worth the investment because I think there are a lot of people like me, you know, that want to be able to try to develop a skill or need to find a way to receive an education, want to be able to better their lives.”




“lt’s helped me gain a lot of skills for the workplace and just personal skills. I am worth it.”




“It helped me gain my high school diploma. Now I can go to college because I always wanted to go to college. Now I can have a career and new future.”