“Job Corps Works!” Says One Graduate…See Why

Job Corps prepares young people like Daniel Lundy to succeed in the workforce.

“Before I started Job Corps all I had was just a part-time job living paycheck to paycheck,” says 22 year old Daniel Lundy, a graduate of the Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center in Reno, NV

Daniel jumped into Job Corps at the end of 2015, and he worked hard. He completed the program by the end of 2016—only 11 months later. And, thanks to the training he received at Sierra Nevada Job Corps, Daniel’s life is on track doing what he most enjoys: pouring cement and making money to support his wife and new family.

Daniel works for Reno Concrete. He plans to be there for many years and then become a journeyman. He also plans on saving up a lot of money because he says, “I have my own family started up now. So everything is going to be good.”

Daniel says Job Corps is the reason he landed a job with Reno Concrete. The program gave him the tools he needed to work in the cement business. Daniel has nothing but praise for his instructor Jeff Wagner.

Wagner says he believes in Daniel, “He really got in there, and he was driven to learn just about everything that was being taught. I can’t say enough about the young man. He’s come a long way just through this shop and now he’s working out there on his own for a union company, and he’s very successful.”

Daniel is grateful to his new boss Kelly who admits that he pushes Daniel to work hard.

Kelly Hibert says, “I like Daniel. And like I said, Daniel has to work with me, and I’m kind of hard to work with a lot of times. But, he’s earned my respect.” 

After becoming a journeyman, Daniel’s goal is to be a foreman. And he gives the credit to Job Corps.

 “I made a lot of new friends. I learned how to become more social. I learned a great trade. It just got me out of my shell and more open and talking to people. Job Corps works!”