What College-Bound Students at Springdale Say about Job Corps

What College-Bound Students at Springdale Say about Job Corps

The advanced career training program is one of Springdale Job Corps’ most valued opportunities for students. The partnership developed with Mt. Hood Community College allows students the chance to attend college classes while continuing to live at Springdale and to receive support services.

 The most successful students are those who prioritize their time, keep up with their studies, and ask for help when needed. At the end of May, five new students were accepted into ACT and began college in June. The latest group shares their thoughts:


Brian Caro, 18, Portland, OR

Before coming to Springdale, I didn’t take school seriously. College never entered my mind. Being here gave me an environment where I could succeed and work towards my goals. Job Corps has given me a lot of opportunities, and I’m looking forward to my first day of college!



Allenanna Alex-Zander, 2o, Wasilla, AK

I’m really glad I came to Springdale. It’s made a big difference in my life and helped a whole, whole lot! I’m looking forward to the college experience. Getting to pick and schedule my own classes! I want to do math in the morning. I can schedule math in the morning because that’s when I like to do math!




Teven Booth, 24, Vancouver, WA

The instructors, teachers, and staff here have helped me stay motivated and focused. I’ve always tried to set a good example for my friends and have tried to help them improve themselves. I’ve done college before but wasn’t ready. It’ll be different this time because I’m prepared and know what I need to do! 



Christopher Keller, 22, Spanaway, WA

I am so excited to be going to college! I’m looking forward to taking as many classes as I can. Springdale gave me the opportunity to come out of my shell and be a leader. I’ve always wanted to go to college, so this is a great accomplishment.




Chelsea Robinson, 21, Albany, OR

Oh my gosh, I am stoked! And I am nervous! All the classes look really hard, so I’m going to have knuckle down, buckle down. I can do it! This place has shown me that I do have options with the rest of my life and I can be whatever I want. I never used to think like that. I wouldn’t have even thought about college if I hadn’t come here first. I wouldn’t have pushed myself the way I did.