Wind River Students Knocking on the Door of PBS’ This Old House

Meet Seth Chambers, Jair Ambsbaugh and Shapiro Americanhorse, students at the Wind River Job Corps Center in Riverton, Wyoming.

They’re studying building construction technology and all recently had the opportunity to apply for an internship with the PBS show This Old House.

“I feel like I’d be a good contestant because I’m dedicated, I’m motivated. This is an opportunity I can’t miss. I feel like I have the knowledge to keep up with those guys,” said Seth Chambers.

Jair Ambsbaugh also says he would fit right in.

“I would be a perfect candidate to be selected for This Old House. This would be a great opportunity for me, coming from a background of having nothing to having everything that I could ever dream of.”

Shapiro Americanhorse has a young child and says working with This Old House would springboard his career.

“I feel that I would be a good applicant for this internship because it’ll help me, get me rolling on getting a house by the time I complete the program for Job Corps. It’ll help me support my child.”

Job Corps has given these students great experience and direction in life. Seth said,

“Job Corps is a great opportunity for people who have been struggling at life at home. Like for me, I wasn’t graduating high school on time. I didn’t know what to do in my life. I didn’t know what career choice I wanted to make, so my aunt told me about Job Corps, and I decided to do it. And it’s been a real life changer. I got my high school diploma. I got all these certifications from both trades and I also met amazing new people who I can work with well.”

These students hope to land the internship with This Old House. They know it would go a long way in helping them prepare for a successful career in construction.

“This will help me gain experience in carpentry, the specialty that I’ve always wanted and that I can actually be confident building a house, said Jair.

Seth added, “I think this internship would help me. It’s another stepping stone. It’s a great opportunity to work with some of the best carpenters around.”

Regardless of whether or not they get to work with This Old House, the students say Job Corps has put them on the path to a bright future. For Seth that means gaining the skills he needs to be a home builder one day.

“What I want to do is just become a carpenter down in Denver, CO. I just want to do everything. I just want to build houses for people. It’s one thing that’s really motivated me. Job Corps is an amazing opportunity, and it’s a once in a lifetime thing.”