Wyoming City Leader Talks about the Benefits of Wind River Job Corps

Video Recorded Before COVID-19

“Riverton is a great place. It’s a fun place to live; good community; good people.”

Kyle Butterfield, public works director for Riverton, Wyoming also says it’s home to the Wind River Job Corps Center.

“It’s such a nice place. You drive by the campus. It’s beautiful, it’s state of the art. What a nice place to be, and what a nice place to spend your time getting an education.”

He says, “We show it off every time we have visiting officials. We drive up the hill and say, ‘Hey, this is where Job Corps is.’ It’s just been a nice thing for our community, great partners. Job Corps is always willing to help.”

“You know we interact with Job Corps at many different levels. In fact, we have benefited from having the work-based learning. I think it’s a great opportunity to get real-world experience. I mean how often to you get to go to a mechanic bay and really work on the equipment that breaks down, and the equipment that is vital for the community.  And so, you get opportunities to really contribute. And, get that hands-on, real-world experience that you don’t get in the classroom setting; that you really learn from individuals that work in the field. Learn from experts that have years and years of experience and you get your hands dirty, and you learn as you go.”

Kyle points out that in the end, for these young men and women, it all boils down to new jobs with a promising future.

“So, teaching these students how to interact and how to apply skills as soon as they graduate. There is no better thing for our economy than getting a skilled labor force.”