Yankee Stadium, More than a Sporting Venue for Bronx Job Corps Graduates

It’s home to the major league baseball team the New York Yankees and can hold up to more than 54,000 people. But for some, Yankee Stadium is more than just a place to get a hot dog and catch a great game, it’s employment.

“Many of the trainees from this program are still employed with Yankee Stadium about ten years later.”

Bryan Rivera is the president of LEARN Enterprises, a company in New York City that provides staffing to large events and venues including Yankee Stadium. He works with the South Bronx Job Corps Center to place culinary and office administration students in various positions including supervisory roles. He says Job Corps students are well trained.

“The youth that came from the Job Corps program stood out from day one.”

He says the program is an asset to the economy because it takes at-risk youth and turns them into outstanding employees and citizens.

“And it’s a beautiful thing when you see that final master piece at the end. And you see when they leave this program and they’ve returned to society, they’re productive members of society. And they have gainful employment. And they’re paying taxes.”

Bronx Job Corps students who work at Yankee Stadium often find full-time employment at other locations.

“The franchisee that oversees this project at Yankee Stadium was very impressed with the culinary students that we were using from Job Corps, so much so that he’s giving a direct line to his managers that do the hiring. And he does have locations in New York and New Jersey.”

Bryan has been very impressed with the skills and desire of Bronx students to excel in the workforce.

“They often prove that when given the opportunity, they will perform as well or better than anyone else given that same opportunity.”